Friday, June 3, 2011

The TOY STORY Trilogy

In one of my classes, Digital Imaging, we were asked to created three pieces of work with a relating subject between each piece. So in this case, I immediately thought of Toy Story. So in this way, I wanted to create simple, effective posters for each movie. You will notice that the focus of each poster is just on Woody and Andy, and if you pay attention, there are clues into the plot of each movie based on what is displayed in front of you.

I seriously pulled an all-nighter to get these done and have them printed for class on Monday, but it was worth it :)

And another strategic move by me...all the pieces are connected in the background so it all flows together :) when I determine a price for each one, it would be fun to purchase all three so that you can piece them together like a puzzle and you have the entire trilogy in 3 posters :)

I will let you all know when I will put a price on each poster. i will possibly give a discount price if you buy all three at once. :)

From Digital Art

From Digital Art

From Digital Art

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  1. I like these! What is the parental discount? 2011 Summer room & board? :) Good work, Trav!